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ANK Putting & Swing Speed Training

Australia has a pleasant and cool climate throughout the year, making it the best weather to play golf at any time of the year, but the size of the continent itself is so vast that there are differences in climate between regions.​

Due to the nature of the Gold Coast weather in the southernmost part of Queensland, Australia, the ground gets wet for two to three days once it starts to rain. When the rainy season begins, our ANK Golf Academy coaches prepare for indoor training: indoor speed training, physical training and Capto Radar training for checking the putting stroke.

The Capto putting device is a popular training device for many tour professionals.

Taking advantage of the brief stop of the rain, we finished morning training by training to develop control to replace the power, flexibility, and power and flexibility with speed sticks in the outdoor training area of the golf course (country club).

The goal of speed stick training is to control the core and timing to support the fast speed.

Too much information and thought are known to interfere with the player's mental health, but from ANK's advanced golf culture to the ANK management of analysis and correction of the golf swing, putting numbers and playing on the course, our ANK Golf Academy is always doing its best for the development of players.

More detailed training information and updates on athletes can be found on @official.ankolf Instagram.

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