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AnK’s Karis Davidson wins again at acclaimed Australian amateur tournament!

Karis has brought home good news with her hard work paying off once again. She displayed her skills and confidently on the field proving her passion and poise. Training from a young age at AnK under Chris Lee, Karis was scouted then trained here extensively and before long she’s making it to the pro stage.

Participating from all corners of the country, female golfers considered as some of Australia’s best (by competition wins) gathered in Sydney to battle it out. As such, it was highly competitive as everyone wanted that championship win. However, in the end victory was hers and the golf course seemed to be Karis’ new playground as she won the championship by 9 strokes. Superb scores for the 4 rounds of golf Karis!

Wouldn’t be a stretch at all to say, among our professionals like Choi Eun-woo, then Karis...who’s turn is it next for the spotlight at AnK?

Hope you enjoy rest of your holidays and we’ll see you again shortly!


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