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Dialing Wedges and looking at numbers

At ANK with have coachs' all day all week coaching and monitoring our students. So we always give a task and drill to work and practice to improve. This morning Coach John had a check up on Daegun, Kyle and Taylor on wedge distances.

Using Flight scope and technologies is good to just check up on the number and angle of attack but important not to rely on the numbers. We try to keep our students away from too much technologies and so dependent on the number because it can hurt their creativity and swing.

As Taylor is preparing for his competition next Sunday he is trying to get his wedges dialled in.

Daegun had a huge improvement in the last three weeks in his game. Neutralising his club path and improving on a consisted spring rate. Driving accuracy and optimization have an improvement over the last few weeks, optimal spin rate and launch angle for consistent drives.


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