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Our specialist fitness coach for our juniors, Richard, conducts a fitness test

Above are some of the photos of our juniors undergoing some fitness tests, a rigorous couple of sessions to test their limits. This is the juniors’ second fitness test and Richard has found significant improvements in some of our 3 of our juniors worthy of praise.

Alice (Minji), who has always known to do well has shown great physical development to the point that she has had to be advised to relax her efforts up a bit in order to let her body recover and grow more. Similarly, Luis (Jun-Beom), who has had an incredible growth spurt, has had many obstacles to overcome due to his relatively slower change in muscular development in keeping up with his overall growth. This hasn’t stopped him from trying his hardest - for which he deserves special mention. Although Tommy (Sebum) has only undertaken fitness training for a little while, his understanding of difficult movement concepts has proven his natural ability and determination to his training, a testament to his enjoyment of his time at AnK golf.

Training together in this testing environment fosters the stimulation required for our junior athletes to develop their physical prowess; like they were preparing for the battlefield - which we call the golf course. Not only the mental challenges but the need to improve oneself and provide the solid unwavering structure on the battlefield.

Whilst all the junior players are brothers and sisters to each other in the AnK family, today’s test results will be something to look forward to, not only will they be a comparison of their self-progress but it will be an opportunity to help carry each other’s determination and understand what it means to work together.


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