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Preparations for select AnK athletes to go semi-professional testing

After a long build of training, some of our players at AnK prepare to go semi-pro in Korea. Today they practiced amidst some cloudy yet well-sunny conditions at Sky-72 Golf Resort and prepared perfectly throughout 5 practice rounds of the course. Upon playing on the esteemed course at Sky-72, many commented that it had a similar feeling to the AnK home course of Sanctuary Cove, Australia. Interestingly, because the grass on the course was well-serviced turfgrass, varying pressure whilst hitting into the grass or putting a lot of direction to a shot meant the grass would constantly react very well. The greens at Sky-72 were nice and large allowing for a straightforward and pleasant attack at each hole. However, the winds there kept things challenging, often on the stronger side and the grass surrounding the greens were thatched. This meant the farther pins on the greens were presented a possibility of a slightly trickier short game than usual conditions. The extensive training in Australia seems to be working out well for our players on the courses especially as they prepare their plan of attack on these greens. A well prepared reading of their putting shots really shows and is showing results in today's preparations. We hope for the very best of all our players, we’ll all be cheering here at AnK as our players represent themselves and AnK like national players wearing their own AnK custom uniforms. Looking good and looking forward to the good news!


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