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The AnK men’s team get a dedicated session from our coaches Ian Triggs and Chris Lee

Below is a basic report on the players that received in depth coaching

Eric - Whilst normally, Eric plays well in practice rounds, on a competition stage when Eric befalls a golfing crisis he loses focus. He has decent focus during ball planning/imaging but loses alot of concentration upon ball impact. It was pointed out that, for any effective change, Eric’s practice habits will need to change more for more effective change.

Luis - It was observed that due to his left arm lacking strength, his backswing saw some shaking/loss of control and consistency. Some arm exercises were introduced by Ian for the particular requirements of his swing.

James - Has seen plenty of improvement, with hardly any other problems to mention. Much like another of our players Alice, James just needs to continue to work on building some more overall strength and keep going the way he is.

Tommy - Throughout his back backswing, he had a tendency to lower his head a little bit and raise it upon impact; this was corrected today, furthermore, his tendency to dip during his shot was also corrected.

Hee-Seung - His head tended to stay to the left a lot during his downswing, even upon impact, his head tended towards the left rather than maintain neutral positioning. Coach Ian also observed that, at the peak of his backswing Hee-Seung’s club would close up. These concepts were fixed today.

Kevin - As Kevin’s backswing was going up, his club face would close up a little, after this was pointed out, everything was all on point.

Ye-chan - Body movement when using irons or shorted clubs was observed to be good, however, when hitting longer clubs, Ye-chan’s hips needed more rotational speed.

William - Quite significant developments were observed and praiseworthy. Any further improvements were limited only to his hands dipping a tiny bit at the peak of his backswing.

David - It was pointed out that, small changes in the wrist’s angle had significant effect to the club face, a problem David was initially struggling with and will know what to work on.

Young-hyeon - Head falls back a fair bit, a familiar issue to him, who also found this advice from coaches when he was in Korea. Otherwise, he received lots of praise for the rest of his play.

Byeong-wook - His physical condition, fitness, technique and mental game is well prepared for what coach Ian reckons is now Byeong-wook’s turn to succeed in professional competitions.

Tony - At the last inspection, his starting position, in particular his hands and body were a bit distant and affected his swing, this observation was not replicated this time around. No further significant changes were needed to be made.

Our dedicated players at AnK went through many changes here today, to a degree that even Ian was surprised and incited in him great expectations for all of our players. We hope they digest and make use of these teachings well in competition-play and general-play as well as and continue to hone their game.

Well done everyone, good work today!


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