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Through mental training, our players increase their competitive game edge

An important component to some the mental training undertaken at AnK golf uses FocusBand technology. It’s a patented technology that works for brain training exercises, as it senses brain activity and alteration of state of mind; both very important, if not, one of the most important aspects to be able to control for consistent and strong gameplay.

One of the most experienced in our mental training is Song Byeoung-Ook, who really showed some impressive results followed by players Kevin, Tony and Yuchi. Those of whom are amongst the top performing AnK players gearing towards the international scene.

The focus band detects electrical activity in your brain (EEG) and assesses the brain to body’s muscles’ relative status amongst other features significant to mental control. It was only after mental training, that everyone realised how much concentration really goes into practicing successfully. It seemed after all this mental training, everyone came out more focused and able to concentrate better and vowed to harness that will regularly.

Each and every shot is valuable, especially when practicing, relax.

Happy Golfing!

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