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"AnK International Golf Academy is a premier golf academy based in Australia.  We train champions and future champions in golf.  Our holistic methodology combines technology with world-class instructors to improve the swing, enhance fitness and train ‘the mind game’.  
AnK was established to meet the needs of golfers at every stage of their amateur or professional development. We provide a specialised player development platform to produce elite-class athletes."

Chris Lee

Director of AnKGOLF / Australian PGA AAA Member

AnK International Golf Academy uses state-of-the-art athlete performance enhancement technology combined with expert knowledge from some of the world’s best golf instructors to support our athletes. 

Our golf labs are conducted in the exclusive Sanctuary Cove Golf and Country Club in the Gold Coast, Australia.   Players will have access to train with our instructors in one of the world’s best-designed golf courses.  

Since 2006, AnK has been pioneering new forms of instruction to create a more immersive learning experience.  Our core training philosophy is to harness the individual’s strengths in their game. We use superior technology to hone skills, but also believe in holistic approaches to prepare the physical and mental state of the athlete. Communication and analysis are crucial in our training.  Our programs are personalised solutions tailored to meet the individual athlete’s needs.   
AnK is a progressive golf learning and teaching environment.  We believe in continuous innovation and excellence to bring the best and most modern game performance development to players of all ages and abilities. 
AnK International Golf Academy is proud of every one of our athlete’s achievements on the golf course.  We are blessed to have many of our graduates’ attain success in local, regional and international golfing competitions.   
We appreciate the dedication and commitment of our golf instructors and trainers who have worked tirelessly with our athletes to help them reach optimum performance.  We are also grateful to the support of our partners who have contributed extensively to the overall learning experience of our athletes.

AnK’s High-Performance Goals


To produce golfers with the right attributes and attitudes for high-performance golf.


To provide our athletes with access to competitions and competitive golf environments to enable them to improve skills and gain experience.


To provide the best and most comprehensive environment to enable every athlete to achieve superior game performance.


To assist thletes to develop a balanced life between sports and life.

AnK Benefits


Individualised training sessions and group sessions.


World-class golf instructors and trainers.


Detailed individual athlete’s performance measurement and feedback. 


Longer training days to comprehensively cover all aspects of the golf game.


Tournament management support for all programs(e.g. Q Schools, National and State Events).


The Palms Sanctuary is a 5-star golf course with world-class facilities.


State-of-the-art methodology.


A holistic approach to promote athlete well-being.


Comprehensive programs from Beginners (age 8) to Advanced Tour Professional (young adult or adults ready for professional-level golf). 


An elite training environment, incorporating Top Tour Professional training modules.


Superior Golf Courses – Palms Sanctuary Cove & Arundel Hills, CC.


A safe and secure environment with 24-hour on-site security.

International Golf Academy


1 Gleneagles Dr Sanctuary Cove

Queensland 4212 Australia 

+61 404 806 887

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