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Please refer to the Academy’s Refund Policy below. The Academy provides trained coaches to help you with any personal or program-related problems and to explain any decision of the Academy. AnKGOLF also has a Dispute Resolution Process that allows you to appeal to an independent arbiter, if you are unhappy with that decision at any time. You may also take action under Australian Consumer Protection laws if you are still unhappy. 

1. All Refunds are subject to $200 cancellation fee regardless of a situation where a student’s visa application is denied by Immigration. 

2. Refund of Program Fees if Visa denied by Immigration: A refund of program fees (as shown in the AnKGOLF Application Form) less bank fees, if applicable, will be made where a student's visa application is denied by Immigration. In this case, written proof of denial from Australian Embassy must accompany the request for refund. 

3. Cancellation prior to arriving in Australia: A refund of program fees paid will be made less 25% of the fees applicable to the period of program (term or year) provided that cancellation is advised at least 30 days before program commences. 

4. Cancellation less than 30 days prior to commencement of the program: If you cancel a program (or part of a program) less than 30 days prior to the program commencing, you will be required to give three(3) months or 1 term’s notice in writing or forfeit one(1) full term’s fee, and any owing to AnKGOLF must be paid immediately. 

5. Cancellation after commencing the program: No refunds of any kind will be made once the student's program has commenced, unless the participant has a legitimate complaint against the Academy that can be substantiated under the Consumer Protection Laws of the Commonwealth of Australia, or the State of Queensland. Note: 

(a) Program deferments cannot be converted to cash refunds under any circumstances. (b) The Academy does not offer a deferment, or transfer pre-paid fees to another person. 

6. Request for Refunds:(a) Refund will only be made on receipt of a written application which must be signed be a parent or guardian. (b) If the refund request is approved, payment will be processed and paid within four (4) weeks of the receipt of the written request. (c) Any refund that may be payable will be remitted to the student’s country of origin unless otherwise agreed to. 

7. Your Rights: This agreement, and the availability of complaints and appeals processes, does not remove the right of the student to take action under Australia’s consumer protection laws. 

Refunds of Fees and Dispute Resolution at AnKGOLF 

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