New Student Arrival.


  • Students will receive a body screen test with one of the three TPI Certified Trainers

  • The TPI Screen will determine the Golf Specific Program to improve Golf Fitness

TPI Screen


Club Check


A club check will be performed with a lie board and the FlightScope data



Versus Brain Training Neuro Assessment

Video Analysis


The student’s golf swing is to be videoed and recorded on the AnK V1 app prior to swing check

Skills Test


  • Shaping Skills Test to be preformed

  • Short Game Test to be preformed

  • AnK Combine Test to be preformed

Goal Setting


The student with the guidance of the coach is two set the Short, Medium and Long Term Goals



  • A Profile will be created and a log in to the AnK Website

  • The Student Profile will include a time line of each visit to the academy

  • Each report will be a detailed analysis from the coach

  • The report will include any assessments completed such as TPI Screen, Combine Test and the Versus Neuro Report