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Flightscope x3

Trust the unmatched accuracy


The FlightScope X3 numbers are the brains behind it all. All major tour players endorse FlightScope for its precision and reliability.  As an athlete training with AnK Academy, you will have access to the golf world’s #1 training tool.  The FlightScope can track the full trajectory of any shot from 10m pitches to 400m drives.  It pinpoints the landing position with an accuracy of less than 1 foot at 100yards.  3D-projectory together with 26 impact and ball light parameters are displayed real-time with data available within a second of the shot taken. 


Sustained performance

AnKGOLF - Fitness

A wearable brain training headband that measures brain activity.  With FocusBand, an athlete will be able to ‘see’ his/her state of mind during play. Audio-visual feedback delivered real time via an app, to measure and track the mental process.  Superior NeuroFeedback’s guided shot practice simultaneously helps the athlete to improve their skills.


Extremely accurate and presented in a very visual way


CAPTO is a putting analysis system composed by an high accuracy sensor and associated software that can run in all your devices. It is easy to use, highly accurate and very light. CAPTO offers analysis in real time. Indoor & outdoor, in real game conditions.

Versus Brain Training Device

Brain power your practice


Versus Sports Simulator employs complex mathematical solutions to develop a high-functioning brain that increases impulse-control, regulate emotions and enhance focus.

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