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2021 Isuzu Queensland Open Practice round

Our ANK students are preparing for the 2021 Isuzu Queensland Open Monday qualifier. Chris took the students for a practice round at Virgina Golf Club.

The players pinpointing where to land the Tee shot, which angle to attack the pins. Checking the speed of the greens and if its soft or hard. Practice round to test out the course and how they should attack and stay away from during the qualifier. Setting a gameplan is key when preparing for big tournament.

Huan eyeing his tee shot fully focused.

Bobby setting up his tee shot. Bobby had made significant improvement in his game recently, using soft hands to control his ball flights and shape of his shots. He has gained alot of confidence in his game and performing consistently these past few weeks.

Good luck to all the players who will be competing next week and we hope to see some low scores and qualifier for the Queensland open.


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