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After their practice rounds at Sky-72, the players display positive habits and record their day’s ex

The players are encouraged to practice the habit of filling a specialised AnK textbook recording the rounds they played after they do practice rounds or engage in a competition.

It is more than the simple writing of grades and recording the round’s scores, the textbook also contains average-round specific stats for PGA and LPGA tours. This allows and warrants the players to compare their own stats and find areas that are weaker in their game. Similarly, it is also designed to easily record and analyse how they players mentally reacted to a situation and gives the opportunity to re-analyse a shot-choice or hole-specific strategy with hindsight.

At Sky-72, after the tee-shot, most players land within about 100 meters of the tee so our players were called out to practice their short shots; focusing on the inside of 100 metres at the Sinan game room.

Through routine, all courses can, despite their differences (i.e. grass types) can be tamed to produce the distance and the desired shot every time. Today’s training focuses on this concept and to get the most out of each round of golf here we take time to review our plays.

Looking forward to many good results in this semi-test! Keep up the good work everyone!


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