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Ank Junior Short Game Training

On a warm sunny Saturday morning, we, ANK GOLF Academy, held a junior weekend class.

The junior competition period is always around this time because Australia has four vacations in four quarters.

Although the number of matches has decreased due to COVID-19, the Australian Golf Assoc is focusing its efforts on junior matches for the junior players to develop and practice skills.

We are conducting putting and short game-related training and lessons for the upcoming match, and we are paying attention to individual conditioning according to the match condition.

There is a Junior Session every Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:10 p.m

Morning - putting green, short game

Afternoon - Driving Range, 8-hole rounding provides a more friendly opportunity to play golf with peers, stimulating enthusiasm for improving skills, and always providing the best environment and lessons to become a better player with positive thoughts and passion for competition.

More and more students of similar ages and skills groups are hoping to improve their skills by competing with each other.

More detailed training information and updates for athletes can be found on @official.ankolf Instagram.​


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