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Annie Choi Wins in 2023!!

What a Trophie!!

Annie Choi, who has grown since his junior days at AnK Golf and entered the professional ranks, has finally won his first championship.

After nine years of waiting and challenges since her debut on the KLPGA first division tour in 2015, she placed first in the Nexen/Saint Nine Masters Championship. Annie's victory is special because it is only her 211th attempt, and it was even more meaningful as she won on her father's birthday!!

After entering the KLPGA 1st Division tour, Annie has never once lost her Tour Status and have steadily built up middle-to-upper-tier results, With this win, Annie jumped to 4th place in the prize money rankings and is in full bloom with her skills that have been strengthened over a long period of time, so we are looking forward to more in the future.

Go Annie!! We are so proud of you.


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