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Carbrook Junior tournment

Congratulation on your win Lili and Daisy and to all the players who attended this weeks tournament. Our students played on the same course for the second time at Carbrook located near Logan. The event was amazing and was great to see young players competing to stay low numbers. The tee time was booked with boys group together Kyle and Daegun and the ANK girls altogether. It was very convenient to see all the plays of our students as coaches.

Well done on a phenomenal playing. Daisy was 2 under in the first four holes and had a great performance down the stretch.

Daisy focused and ready to sink the birdie putt down the stretch.

The Matrix by Lily Wang waiting for the putt to drop.

ANK Brothers as team and helping each others.

Kyle Lee staring down his long drive on the Par 4.

Daegun staring down his wedge pitch as it spins closer to the hole

A bit of frustration for Chloe on the putting green with the slow greens.


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