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Chloe Nam Graduation

After completing eight years at AnK Chloe has finally graduated. From ten to being 18 and adults so many memories and childhood spent together. I was fortunate to know Chloe for one year and seeing her mature and grow as a player but outside of golf was so amazing to watch. Final year balancing a lot of assessments and going through all the tournaments was a huge pressure but she managed and played so well. Her tournament scoring average has improved amazingly and charisma on the course. She also becomes a great supporter and carer of students younger than her. Being a good leader and mentor. I truly believe she has made wonderful memories and will always be welcome to ANK during her offseason. Lastly, all I wish for her is to play her own golf with confidence and enjoy the journey. Always remember "Do what got you to do the Dance floor, Don't change, Be you" it's more than enough. Chloe likes to write " I Can Do It 할수 있다"

Its Show Time Chloe!!!!!!


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