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Chloe Nam wins Big in Korea on Jump Tour

After eight years of training at the ANK Golf Academy, Chloe Nam won her first professional victory on the KLPGA third-division Jump Tour.

Chloe is a player who prepared so faithfully and had excellent skills, so he was able to get closer to the dream of becoming a Full-Time Tour Player on the Korean KLPGA Tour.

In the 36-hole stroke match held at Seokjeong Hillcc in Gochang on September 27-28, he won by two strokes with a respectful score of 132 strokes (67,65) and 12 under par.

The score was good on the first day at -5 and T4, so the confident play on the second day as well and hit -7 to secure the title.

Well done Chloe, we are so proud of you.


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