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Day 1 "Next Level" Holiday Camp

Hello everyone, this is Coach John

We just began our long-anticipated Holiday camp. It started on June 21st and will commence July 10th for three weeks. During this camp, we intend to take on Junior golfers to the "Next Level". Using this time to help juniors to help improve full complete golf game. It is our to change a students golf game with one-hour swing lessons once a week. There are so many factors like course management, golf fitness, golf swing, mentality during rounds and short game. At ANK holiday camp we are able to tackle all of these factors, to take the junior golfers to the next level while having fun.

We kick-started the camp with the orientation of explaining the rules, schedule and separating the groups of each player. We were full of excited golfers to learn and become better golfer. Having students with similar age allowed the students to bond stronger and get motivated to compete each other.

Well done to all the students day 1.


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