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Giving the professional touch to the men’s players at AnK by coach Ian Triggs

After conducting lessons with US PGA Tour’s John Senden, coach Ian Triggs returned to Australia to coach some of the professional players at AnK, namely, Ryu So-yeon , Karrie Webb and Ji Eun Hee.

It’s easy to be clouded in our judgement whilst on tour, for which, coach Ian Triggs has a saying “When you’re playing golf, if life becomes more enjoyable as a player, your golf will work out better for you. Having too much greed complicates things.” An important concept to remember for all successful golfers and people alike.

In today’s lesson, the professional men’s players of AnK underwent Ian’s coaching with the aim to their improve their swing. His conversations throughout his lessons have been on the topic of comparing how similar the swing of professional athletes have been. Furthermore, the players have become more adept at their mental aspect of their game.

Looking good guys, keep it up!


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