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Grayson's two week excellence program

Grayson from Darwin has completed the two weeks excellence AnK Program. We were fortunate to have no covid restrictions eased before his arrival. Grayson was such a hard worker and learnt so much within the timeframe he had. Swing change - Coach John was able to point out a set-up change and rotational swing will fix Grayson low weak ball flights. From TPI test results with Trainer Colin, it was evident Grayson lacked in Rotational Movement and had stiffness creating an up & down motion. Exercises were designed personally for Grayson to help develop a more fluid swing. Course management was learnt and validated through playing on the course every day. He was able to gain 20m of the tee due to an understanding of attack angle and spin rate. We loved your work ethic and your passion for golf. Hope to see you back in few months.


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