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Southport Junior Classic

This Sunday Nine ANK students competed in the Southport Junior Classic. 7am morning shotgun made our students wake up and get ready 5 am. Gold Coast is known for its heat but recently the early morning have been quite chilly. All of our students gathered and warmed up to compete at Southport. Southport junior Classic is an event I, coach John have competed in around ten years ago as a junior as well. It brought a lot of memories and my bad poor shot decisions were running in my mind as I was watching our players.

Well Done too Seo in Kim (Daisy) with 81 and runner up finish up. Her striking was great and course management around a new course was phenomenal.

Well Done

Great to see our juniors competing 18 hole events as well.

Well done to all the players who competed at the Southport Junior Classic.


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