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Swing Analysis Lesson with Coach Darren

It’s been a while since capturing and analysing the swings of our junior players. They’ve had so much exposure and opportunity to watch and follow the instruction of many of our professional players and coaches but that didn’t stop the many positive alterations brought to the driving range - after a good old swing analysis lesson.

It’s important to have a good consistent swing you can play with, without thinking about it. Having a swing that makes you focus too much on technique, can be counter-intuitive in competitive play where there are much too many thoughts going on in that mind. Too often, the slightest overload of thought can bring about psychological burden and almost always results in worrisome/stressful conditions on course. This is also why we don’t stress doing too much analysis at once, it’s like when losing weight - you check the scales weekly or maybe even monthly rather than every hour of the day which could be more troublesome than good.

We want to practice and get that technique down like it’s second nature though, so we find some improvements and work on them till they’re concrete.

Our juniors at AnK all got their shots analysed today to compare the progress and improvements from their last in depth analysis and to look for further improvements. After this, each player hits a bucket of balls, focusing only on the improvements via shot shaping practice and routine.

Just from observing each player’s swing changes, gleaming grins and proud sentiments were evident all round! An important lesson we learnt earlier is important to be reiterated here, rather than be the best striker or best swinger, today was about building to be a better player. It’s important to perfect that swing, so you’re mentally invincible and the technique immortal; because being the best player is beyond being a good striker or swinger - that stuff should be habitual.

Big shout outs to the all junior pros and soon to be at AnK!


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