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The Importance of Golf Specific TPI Training

ANK Golf Academy is always responsible for checking the individual physical condition and presenting future training methods by thinking about the better performance of the academy students.

TPI*: Coach Rory, who completed the Titleist Performance Institute Certificate, and Armani, a promising player with a low handicap, conducted a physical check, which is the first step to improving her body performance specific to her golf swing.

Each Individual student will receive a training course specific to their body screen.

Armani received excellent points in flexibility, which is an advantage for female athletes, but received many "RED LIGHT," which is a lack of stability and control, so she received a high score of 19 for her golf fitness handicap. (lower is better)

Athletes should always check their physical condition, supplement, and take measures to prevent injuries, but due to the nature of golf, students are now training with golf-specific rotational exercises as opposed to linear strength exercises.


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