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Tour Professionals use Radar Devices

It is true that tour professionals who have been on tour for a long time have their own strengths.

Then, it will be our players' eternal homework to learn only those advantages, secure their weaknesses, and find their own golf.

Recently, technological advances have made it easy for us to analyze golf swings, look at numerical data, and make professional judgments.

There are world-famous "Trackman, FlightScope, and GC-Quad," and among them, "Trackman" is loved by many tour professionals with the highest market share.

The ANK GOLF Academy has been using the FlightScope Radar Technology for many years as a great training aid for students to match a number with a feeling.

Tour Winner Jason Norris is helping the students with distance control under 100m, using his Trackman to target certain carry distances.

More detailed training information and updates for athletes can be found on @official.ankolf Instagram.​


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