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Ank Golf in Malaysia

Head Coach Chris Lee recently visited Malaysia for a short time and had a very busy schedule. First, Chris held a Junior Golf Camp for many Malaysian Junior from the Sarawak Region. Malaysia uses English in almost all public education so there is no problem communicating in English with junior players.  

The next meeting was with the Malaysia Sarawak Golf Association President and the Government Athletic Minister. The Malaysian government has been making a lot of effort in the development of golf recently, and has decided to invest in Australia's AnK Golf teaching philosophy and the know-how that has cultivated outstanding players for over 10 years.

Thus, from mid-November, the Malaysia branch AnK Golf Academy will start in Kuching Sarawak. At the end of November all AnK players will participate in the Sarawak International Competition, which will also launch the AnK Golf International Academy to teach golfers in Malaysia. We are looking forward to AnK Golf reaching throughout many different parts of Asia.

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Danielle Owen
Danielle Owen
Aug 01, 2022

Love thiss

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