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AnK’s athletes prepare for Q-School with our coach Darren

Currently undertaking his studies for the PGA IGI courses at university, Darren, is also an esteemed coach at AnK.

Recently, he observed from the players’ swings to the kind of shots player’s take and thus their mental game. He gave all of the player’s meaningful advice and improvements to their game, as well as remain available for any questions and curiosities to their game that player’s may have throughout their play time.

The thing about golf, even if you play the same course again and again, you really won’t play the same game again; you’ll always have different conditions. Whether it’s the variance of wind speed yesterday vs. today or the concept of one always finding themselves in a different position relative to the pin every time they play. The mental choices one makes in these differing positions is one of the appeals and challenges of golf. Any golfer will agree, it’s not just about hitting a technically good shot but just as importantly about how you bring forth your creative edge to shape the strategy you want. Darren primarily has focused on currently improving our AnK player’s abilities in this area so they can play more flexibly and relax their minds when competing.

With so much improvement happening, it’s always exciting to hear of our great scores coming out, anybody at AnK with 10-under par this month? *hint*

Happy Golfing!


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