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Driving Range Session for Full-Time Athletes

Today we re practicing at the Sanctuary Cove Pines Golf Course which is a Top 100 facility in Australia.

The ANK Golf Academy's full-time players spend most their days at the golf course from Monday to Saturday whilst studying at the Ace Golf College.

The schedule starts from putting green at 7:50 a.m. and ends at 6:10 p.m. at the gym, and today, we finished short putting, short game and took lessons in the driving range to prepare for the upcoming competition.

After training in the driving range, the players improved their skills by going around the home course Sanctuary Cove Palms Golf Course right after putting for 15 minutes after lunch and trying the shots they practised in the range in the morning.

For many golfers, rounding comes as something to be nervous about, but the coaches are currently working hard on the mental processing and routines.

ANK GOLF ACADEMY produces excellent players with the best player management and coaching in the direction of developing pre-shot routine, course management, and shot sense on the course every day.

More detailed training information and updates on athletes can be found on @official.ankolf Instagram.


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