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Jessica TPI

We welcomed a new student from Melbourne Jessica. She is a 14 year old who has been playing golf for 5 years. Her swing had phenomenal power so we had to test if her flexibility and balance. She was such an athlete able to rotate and use golf muscles efficiently.

TPI Physical Screen is designed to find the physical limitations that are holding you back from playing your best golf. Once we identify the limitations we will provide you with corrective exercises and motor learning drills to remover these limitations and have you playing and feeling your best.

TPI screenings test two main components in the body:

1. Mobility (range of motion + flexibility) 2. Stability (balance + strength + muscular endurance)

Failed screen results likely indicate the true “root cause” to common swing deficiencies such as swaying, sliding, coming “over the top”, scooping, etc. The TPI screen also identify areas in the body susceptible to injury due to the one sided demands of the sport.

The following are some of the main areas tested during the initial screening:

Pelvis and hip mobility Thoracic mobility Posterior chain muscular flexibility Core Strength Balance Wrist, ankle and shoulder mobility


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