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Lesson with Ian Triggs Pt 2

Thank You Ian for spending your precious to give your wisdom and insight into the game to our students. We lined up our eight students and Ian went around one by one to clarify any questions mentally and technically. In preparation for today's session, we have prepared our students with focus bands what quiet eyes, muscle tension, mushion and imagination was.

Ian explained that golf is about imagination and feel and reacting towards it. Too many times we try to be technical one degree this one degree that way when it is out of our control. Ian explained golf should be played like tennis. During tennis, we just move and react to the ball coming and the opponent's position. When we hit a forehand shot we don't think what angle my takeaway is or if my hands are stable we just react to the ball. Golf should be played the same, we put a picture then we just react to the shot.

Daisy working on her takeaway, less of her wrist action and more of her body rotation.

Juan & Taylor who are two players who will be competing for the Qualifying School 2021 in two weeks both really worked on the mentality of their game. The importance of routine and visualizing and reacting and not forcing any shots. Good luck to both players for the upcoming Qualifying School.


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