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New Chapter for Minji and Steph

Minji Kwon also known as Alice has finished and graduated ANK golf. It was amazing to see her golf journey, progress and develop as an elite golfer. She is on her flight back to Korea to prepare for Pro test in Korea in April. Alice spent total of 8 years in Australia at ANK, near to half of her life. She has really sharpened her craft and knowledge of the game. We truly encourage her next journey and have her full support to the top.

Steph have been on this journey for five years with ANK. Through a lot of competitions ups and downs he has matured and cleaned up his craft. Physically and mentally stronger as a player and as a man. Steph will go to Korea in preparations of Semi Pro and to obtain Korean tour playing card. We look forward towards you run and next Journey.

Thank you Minji and Steph with your milestone with ANK and wish you all the luck and support for the next chapter.


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