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Ocean Shores Junior

Nice view from the Winners of the Ocean Shores Junior Classic 2019

Well done to the Academy students who had to endure a 3:30am wake up to be in northern NSW to compete in the annual Ocean Shore Junior Classic. Thanks to Resident Pro Chris and his team for organising such a great event. Congratulations to Youjin who won her second event since January. AnK Students Grace and Wonbee were placed 2nd and 3rd and Solar placed 5th in the Girls Division.

1SEO, Youjin 2YEO, Wonbee 2BYEON, Grace 4NAKATANI, Haruhi 5MOON, Seoyoung5SABA, Lily5KIM, Godiva8WAKAYAMA, Norika 8PARK, Hye HAMMETT, Sarah 11FULLER, HollieD1 11SADLER, Summer.

In the Boys Division congratulations to Eric Lee who won with a winning score of nett 67.

1LEE, Eunchan2LOWE, Zane 2HO, Ethan 4MULDOON, Billy 4ROSS, Luke 6SINGH, Eshan 6WHITE, Harry 8ELSLEY, Jack 8BOGDAN, Owen 8HOWLETT, Brayden 8GOFFMAN, James12RUTLEDGE, Joe


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