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Oxley JQG points challenge

To start the year our junior students entered the Junior Queensland

Daisy, Degun, Kyle and John before their tee times warming up.

Daegun finished 77 on his second competition to date. He learnt that on a short course its not about hitting driver off the tee every hole but hitting 4 irons or driving irons for better placement for the second shots. Decsions around the green need to be worked on. We are looking forward his progress over the next few weeks to work his strengths and weakness. Well done

Daisy had a tough day with unlucky bounces and bad breaks. SHe hit 80% of the fairways this cimpetions but also struggled around the greens. Hopefully Daisy can get a lot from this Oxley competition and focus on shot decision around the greens

Putting and Chipping needs work Kyle. Kyle striking was phenomenal in this short tight course covered with trees. Kyle shortgame and putting needs to work in adujsting to different course conditions.

Thank you for all the parent and students who competed at Oxley in this heat. We finished the competion with celebration with good food all together. TEAM ANK


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