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S Curve Posture

One of the reasons AnK Golf takes fitness so seriously is to develop a Golf Fit Body. Here are some exapmples of the S Curve Posture. The S-Posture is created by having too much arch in the lower back and can be the result of sticking your tail bone out too far or by having a Lower Crossed Syndrome (muscle imbalances around the core area).

S-posture causes are as follows:

-Lower Crossed Syndrome - tightness in the hip flexors and lower back and weakness in the abdominals and glutes.

-Student does not understand how to bend form the hips to setup to the golf ball.

-Student has been told to stick their butt out to create more room for their arms on the downswing.

-Lack of Abdominal strength or relaxing the abdominal musculature.

-Too much flex in the knees with the torso to upright.

Here are some before and after examples of our students working on their posture.


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