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Tough Rounding at Arundel Hills

We decided to challenge our students and have 18 hole walking rounding at Arundel Hills. In the 2022 season, Arundel Hill will hold a junior 9 hole event, also two 18 hole events. Arundel Hills Country club is located 20 mins from Sanctuary Cove Golf Club and is famous for its beautiful course layout.

We had eight of our students playing today walking up and down the hills to score 18 holes. It was a test to our junior as it was a very warm day. Coach John took the senior group showing them how to manage the course and when to play confidently and aggressively. Coach Rory was helping the juniors battle through the course.

Although it was a tough day because of the weather and hilly course it was a great round of golf with a lot of learning.

Excited for the 2022 season ahead.


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