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Visiting from Thailand, Phillip’s parents visit AnK golf in Australia to tour our partnership privat

At 8 years old, Phillip is our youngest AnK player, he not only gets along well with everyone here but is also, to many, the life of the party. Recently, his parents visited Australia to see the prestigious Saint Stephen’s College facilities and see Phillip’s progress here. Among the interesting aspects to them, was observing the different atmosphere and educational system here and the admirable facilities.

They also had the opportunity to converse with the international students co-ordinator at St. Stephen’s College to get a more comprehensive detail into current school news and progresses. Being able to see the positive environment that Phillip is in, has given his parents so much ease of mind and have given them a delightful will to return again soon.

It was our pleasure to watch the interactions, their overwhelming impressions and be their guide during their stay.


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