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Welcome to our new players at AnK golf - Jack, Aika and Chikako

As the long summer holidays finish up, we have had the pleasure of acquiring 3 new players who have come to train amongst our team, namely, Jack (14), Aika (13) and Chikako (15).

As an Australian student Jack went over to Malaysia for a couple of years to combine a lifestyle study and golf, it was only during his holidays that he came for training at AnK for 2 weeks. Additionally, Aika and Chikako are students from Japan who also came over to Australia to train at AnK during their holidays.

Although our students from Japan found English a bit tougher, perfectly trilingual coach Dyse at AnK provided guidance and interpretation between coach Ian Triggs and the students. It appears throughout their time here, the training was well-digested and more than satisfactory for them.

It was a short-term training period for these students at AnK and it really whizzed by, but it is particularly worth mentioning that Chikako, upon returning to Japan indicated her interest in continuing at AnK and is planned to return to Australia to study here whilst playing golf here.

Settling in with the already existing students was a breeze to our short-term friends, they soon knew everyone and got along well together, with not even language or nationality being a barrier to anyone. We are proud that it’s such a open community here and with no awkwardness towards new people, it just leaves a free mind to really enjoy your golf.

Join us in Australia and enjoy our increasing globalisation that we experience everyday!

In the years ahead, wherever our players are around the world we all hope to enjoy hearing of each other's successes in our international community we call AnK. How exciting!


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