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Where professionals and professionals-to-be come together to train; AnK golf’s Budsabakorn Sukapan w

The national representative players of Thailand received interest and sponsorship by the Singha corporation, offering one of the biggest sponsorships in Thailand. Thailand’s Budsabakorn Sukapan, nickname: Rust, new to the scene eventually prospered in the tour lifestyle. She just missed out on her first win at the Chinese LPGA by a difference of 1 shot, a very close matchup.

However, she came back at her next competition with a first round 2-under, second round 6-under and 5-under on the third round to net her her first professional win.

This win came after she found her way to AnK golf during her off-season to train - and it paid off.

Since her time under our guidance at AnK last year, all the female athletes and male athletes of her cohort have really showed their professionalism in their craft on the course. I believe we can expect to hear of more from where this good news has come from because she is just starting off. Look forward to more great successes by our Singha-sponsored national athlete Budsabakorn Sukapan.

On a related note, have you checked out our success stories (at the top of our website)? Rust is one of many of our advanced players that have seen great successes in the international arena playing (and winning!) professional golf.


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